Blocco Chair by Naoto Fukasawa for Plank

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Fukasawa Blocco Chair

Blocco chair reflects Mr. Fukasawa's sensitivity for natural material. The wooden chair is suitable for use both as public environments chair (such as restaurants or cafes) and for private home. It is stackable to respond to the functional requirements for public environments.

Natural ash-wooden lacquered Blocco chair

Black stained lacquered Blocco chair

Blocco chair in use at Restaurant Stereokitchen in Beirut. By Plank

Blocco is available in natural ash wooden lacquered, black stained lacquered or colored with a matt open grain in grey, white and blue.

Meteo by Naoto Fukasawa for Magis

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Meteo weather gauges by Naoto Fukasawa.

What do you expect most from a weather gauges? Its function and accuracy of course. But Naoto Fukasawa gives more for you: a set of fully functional weather gauges with style.

Meteo is a set of weather measuring equipment consisting of a thermometer, barometer, and hygrometer which - as the name suggest - each serves to measure temperature, air pressure, and humidity. Mr. Fukasawa design Meteo for Italian brand Magis.

"There is a certain appeal about gauges that we find on cars and air planes," says Fukasawa. He speaks from a design standpoint, of course. And it is applied to the design of Meteo. However, However, users with technical requirements over design do not need to be skeptical. Meteo serve your needs with full capability.

Naoto Fukasawa Meteo

These harmonious weather gauges trios comes with stand so can be placed all together. They can also be mounted on a wall, independently.

Itka Tavolo 35 Lamp by Naoto Fukasawa

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Danese Itka Tavolo 35 table lamp

Not many technical innovations can be performed on a lamp. But for design aspect, possibilities for improvisation almost unlimited. It seems like that's what Naoto Fukasawa when designing Itka Tavolo 35, a table lamp which is basically a combination of three energy-saving light bulbs placed in a single structure.

Itka Tavolo 35 affixed to the ceiling

Naoto Fukasawa design Itka Tavolo 35 in 2008 for Danese Milano by exploring three aspects: aesthetics, performance, and energy savings factors. The result is a table lamp with iconic rounded shape, simple yet elegant. The table lamp made ​​of satined opaline glazed frosted glass PVC-covered structure in white painted metal. Itka can also be affixed to the wall or to the ceiling.

Itka Tavolo 35 on desk

In-depth study of the patterns of distribution of light and power consumption saving factor gives basic knowledge for Fukasawa for designing energy-saving lamps with the optimal performance that can be given. Itka Tavolo 35 beam spread gently and evenly into all angles, without disturbing shadow effect.

Itka Tavolo 35 lamp uniform light spread

Three light bulbs Inside Itka Tavolo 35

Itka Tavolo 35 specs: 

Manufacturer: Danese
Product Family: Danese Itka
Designer: Naoto Fukasawa
Bulbs: small version: 3 x 11W 230V E14 energy saving lamps. large version: 3 x 22W 230V E27 energy saving lamps.
Dimensions: small version: diameter 350 mm, height 105 mm. large version: diameter 500 mm, height 162 mm.

The Ottawa Collection by Karim Rashid for BoConcept

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The Ottawa Collection

Karim Rashid is one of designers who believe that designing something is more than just serve a function. To him functionality is essential, but at the same time he wants to move people. "You concentrate on the object but there should be a sense of humanity too. Something soft that touches you and makes you feel at ease," says Karim.

The approach produces a variety of product design with bright colors and a sensual curves; an approach that he describes as "sensual minimalism". And again the approach is expertly showcased through the Ottawa Collection (2012), an extensive collection of dining room consisting of chairs, dining table, sideboard, rug, and accessories with style immediately recognizable as his trademark.

Ottawa Collection sideboard by Karim Rashid

Karim designed the Ottawa Collection for BoConcept, a Denmark-based global retail furniture chain. The design is unique, combining sensual minimalism and functionality offers the features and details that serve the needs of the urban environment. Partially table and chairs design from Ottawa Collection gave Karim Rashid the Red Dot Award winner as well as a Good Design Award.

Ottawa Collection BoConcept

the Ottawa Collection chair

the Ottawa Collection dining set

Perhaps become an important question of how a collection that was made for - and manufactured by a Danish company named a city in Canada? Well, Rashid was inspired by the City where he studied and graduated from college 30 years before he was designing this collection. His designs for BoConcept were inspired by both the Canadian and the Danish landscape.

Karim Rashid's the Ottawa Collection accessories lamp

Through the following video Karim Rashid shows his vision and design philosophy applied when designing the Ottawa Collection:

√ústra Bus Stop by Jasper Morrison

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Jasper Morrison Ustra Bus Stop 1992

In 1992 Jasper Morrison designing a stainless steel and glass Bus Stop for Hanover City, as a project organised by Peter Ruthenberg for √ústra, the Hannover Transportation Authority.

Hanover City Bus Stop designed by Jasper Morrison

Marc Newson‘s Ford 021C Concept Car

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Ford 021C

Marc Newson's Ford 021C as a concept car was first introduced at the Tokyo auto show in 1999, created as a styling exercise only and is not intended to be mass produced. The color of the car at the beginning of its appearance is orange Pantone ("021C" in the Ford 021C name refers to the Pantone color chart number), before being repainted into a lime green when it is displayed again in the Newson's designs special exhibition event entitled "Transport" at the Gagosian Gallery on West 21st Street in Manhattan.

Ford 021C concept car by Marc Newson

Newson's Ford 021C

Marc Newson designed the Ford 021C at the request of Ford's design director J. Mays. The car was powered by a 1.6 L Zetec engine producing 100 PS (74 kW; 99 bhp) driving the front wheels through a four-speed automatic transmission. The retro 1950s-inspired Ford 021C has four seats with 3,601 mm (141.8 in) long, 1,648 mm (64.9 in) wide with a wheelbase of 2.485 mm (97.8 in).
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