Eames LCW (Lounge Chair Wood)

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Eames Molded Plywood Chairs

The Eames Lounge Chair Wood a.k.a Eames molded plywood chairs have a romantic history. The idea behind the design of the chair is born from the imagination and experience of the husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames. All originated from the early 1940s when Charles Eames worked as a set painter at MGM studio. In their spare time they were developing wood-molding techniques. Ray, who had formal training as painter and sculptor conduct experiments in their apartment. The technique they developed then take them to new opportunities, when Charles resigned from MGM to focus on serving the U.S. Air Force demand for plywood splints, glider shells, and stretchers. Their Splints designed with compound curves to mimic the shape of human leg. Later, experience in shaping plywood into compound curves gives both the inspiration and capability to develop Lounge Chair Wood.

Following Charles and Ray Eames relationship with Herman Miller furniture company, the Eames LCW was produced from 1946 until 1947 by Evans Molded Plywood of Venice Beach, California for the Herman Miller. Herman Miller then moved the production of the chair to Michigan from 1947 until present. For Europe market, Vitra became the only producer of Eames furniture and, with Herman Miller, the only two companies producing chairs licensed by the Eames estate as represented by the Eames Office.

The Eames LCW earned many recognition, one of them from TIME Magazine that called the design "something elegant, light and comfortable. Much copied but never bettered." The magazine acclaim the chair as The Best Design of the 20th Century.

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