Garbo Waste Can by Karim Rashid

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Red Garbo trash can

A waste can can be designed in a stylish, glamorous and sensual form. What's wrong with that? And Karim Rashid do it perfectly. Since its introduction, Garbo (along with its smaller version, called Garbino and Garbini) was greeted with enthusiasm and has sold millions of units.

Umbra Inc. as the manufacturer offered Garbo in a series of striking colors and sizes. And it's not a coincidence when Garbo move from just a best-selling product in retail stores to a product design star. Design community likes the shape and the idea behind it as same as common people like its versatility. Publicity comes from media such as Vogue, Domus, and Interni. People began to shift using Garbo from its initial function as a garbage can into other more 'respectable' purpose. Umbra is now described Garbo as an alternative storage medium.

Rashid himself has one worry that the huge success of Garbo will overshadow his work in other fields such as furniture and lighting. '' I'd hate to think it MIGHT be like a hit song that ends up on VH1's 15 years later, '' he said.

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