Russel Wright Residential Melamine Dinnerware

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Russel Wright Residential Pattern Serving Set ca. 1953

"Residential" melamine dinnerware is Russel Wright's first Melmac line plastic dinnerware for home use began to produced in 1953 by Northern Plastic Company of Boston. Home Decorators, Inc. of Newark, NY, continued production of "Residential" following the long lasting popularity of the melamine dinnerware. Russel Wright's Residential fabricated using high quality melamine material that is heat resistant, dishwasher safe and shatterproof.

Since the initial launch, Residential be one of the most popular melamine dinnerware in the United States, with gross sales of more than $ 4 million in 1957. In terms of aesthetic achievement, Russel Wright's design touches make it into an iconic masterpiece that was awarded the Museum of Modern Art Good Design Award in 1953.

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