Itka Tavolo 35 Lamp by Naoto Fukasawa

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Danese Itka Tavolo 35 table lamp

Not many technical innovations can be performed on a lamp. But for design aspect, possibilities for improvisation almost unlimited. It seems like that's what Naoto Fukasawa when designing Itka Tavolo 35, a table lamp which is basically a combination of three energy-saving light bulbs placed in a single structure.

Itka Tavolo 35 affixed to the ceiling

Naoto Fukasawa design Itka Tavolo 35 in 2008 for Danese Milano by exploring three aspects: aesthetics, performance, and energy savings factors. The result is a table lamp with iconic rounded shape, simple yet elegant. The table lamp made ​​of satined opaline glazed frosted glass PVC-covered structure in white painted metal. Itka can also be affixed to the wall or to the ceiling.

Itka Tavolo 35 on desk

In-depth study of the patterns of distribution of light and power consumption saving factor gives basic knowledge for Fukasawa for designing energy-saving lamps with the optimal performance that can be given. Itka Tavolo 35 beam spread gently and evenly into all angles, without disturbing shadow effect.

Itka Tavolo 35 lamp uniform light spread

Three light bulbs Inside Itka Tavolo 35

Itka Tavolo 35 specs: 

Manufacturer: Danese
Product Family: Danese Itka
Designer: Naoto Fukasawa
Bulbs: small version: 3 x 11W 230V E14 energy saving lamps. large version: 3 x 22W 230V E27 energy saving lamps.
Dimensions: small version: diameter 350 mm, height 105 mm. large version: diameter 500 mm, height 162 mm.

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