Eames Plastic & Fiberglass Armchair

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Eames 'Eiffel-tower' Fiberglass Armchair

Charles and Ray Eames described one of their intentions as furniture designers as "Getting the most of the best to the greatest number of people for the least." This principle led them on designs that utilize plastic as one of the main material. The Eames Molded Plastic and Fiberglass Armchair is one of their work which refers to the principle. The chair included in the competition held by the Museum of Modern Art entitled 'International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design'.

The process of design and development of the chair before mass-produced involves tremendous effort. The chair was made ​​with the latest technology (at the time) of hydraulic molds similar to those used for shipbuilding by Zenith Plastics manufacturing company, in addition to the shaping process of fiberglass with metal molds using hydraulic pressing machine. Zenith started production of the chair in 1950 for Herman Miller. For Europe market, Eames Fiberglass Armchair made ​​by Vitra in 1957, who obtained a license from Herman Miller.

Eames fiberglass armchair was Offered in a variety of colors and Several bases, Including wooden base and the famous "Eiffel Tower" metal base. The fiberglass armchair was included in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in 1950.

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