V+ Volteis Electric Car

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Volteis Electric Car by Philippe Starck

With concern on ecology and the environment, the legendary industrial designer Philippe Starck create eco-friendly electric vehicle that at a glance more resembles a golf cart than a 'normal' car. V+ Volteis is the result of collaboration between Starck and VOLTEIS, an electric vehicle specialist automotive company based in the Rhône-Alpes region, 70 km south of Lyon (at Davezieux). The vehicle exhibited premiere at the Geneva Auto Show.

The front-wheel-drive V+ Volteis weighs about 1600 pounds, powered by a 4-kW motors that can reach a maximum speed of 40 mph and a maximum range of 37 miles. These specifications, coupled with its design factor, perhaps making people think that this vehicle was made to prioritize form over function.

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